FEUP offers many opportunities to go further in your studies in the Engineering field or cross-sectional areas of study.

A Master’s degree is a good education investment for those who want to further improve the knowledge obtained in a previous study programmes or even specialize in a different field. The Continuity Masters are the natural path for those who start a Bachelor at FEUP and want to become an Engineer. The stand-alone Masters may focus in Engineering or cross-cutting areas and work as a complement in the education as it highly stimulates the scientific development and the reflective thinking, opening doors to the professional world.

Continuity Masters

Master in Bioengineering
Master in Chemical Engineering
Master in Civil Engineering
Master in Electrical and Computers Engineering
Master in Engineering and Industrial Management
Master in Environmental Engineering
Master in Informatics Engineering and Computing
Master in Materials Engineering
Master in Mechanical Engineering
Master in Mining and Geo-Environmental Engineering

Stand-alone Masters

Master in Information Science
Master in Biomedical Engineering
Master in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Engineering
 Master in Services Engineering and Management
Master in Software Engineering
Master in Data Science and Engineering
Master in Civil Engineering Structures
Master in Urban Mobility Management
Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship
Master in Computational Mechanics
Master in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
 Master in Multimedia
Master in Spatial Planning and Urban Project
Master in Integrated Building Design and Construction
Master in Computer Vision
Master in Artificial Intelligence
Master Degree in Sustainable Design, Construction and Management of the Built environments
Innovation is the watchword of a Doctoral Programme. At this level of studies students are given the freedom to follow their path in creating new knowledge and developing a new way of seeing the world. Most programmes offer a curricular plan of one year under the guidance of specialized professors. Current Doctoral Programmes in cooperation with other institutions and with applications outside FEUP:

  • Doctoral Programme in Applied Mathematics (Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto)
  • Doctoral Programme in Computer Science (Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto)
  • Doctoral Programme in Chemistry (Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto)
  • Doctoral Programme in Telecommunications (University of Minho)
Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Engineering
Doctoral Programme in Civil Engineering
Doctoral Programme in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering
 Doctoral Programme in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering
Doctoral Programme in Environmental Engineering
Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Industrial Management
Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Public Policy
Doctoral Programme in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Doctoral Programme in Engineering Physics
 Doctoral Programme in Informatics Engineering
 Doctoral Programme in Mechanical Engineering
 Doctoral Programme in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
 Doctoral Programme in Chemical and Biological Engineering
Doctoral Program in Leaders for Technological Industries
Doctoral Program in Advanced Materials and Processing
Doctoral Program in Digital Media
Doctoral Program in Spatial Planning
Doctoral Program in Occupational Safety and Health
Doctoral Program in Transport Systems
Doctoral Program in Sustainable Energy Systems
Doctoral Program in  Telecommunications