Five hundred years ago, portuguese seafarers, traders and missionaries became pioneers of globalization. Starting in the Atlantic coasts of Africa and America, portuguese found Brazil and soon reached India, China and Japan, exploring new opportunities and creating networks
between continents.

Now, it is time for you to discover the new world of opportunities that Portugal has to offer! An Atlantic country in a strategic position to access key worldwide markets and with modern road, rail and port infrastructures. A skilled and productive workforce, with a high level of education and early adopter of new technologies. A great place to enjoy quality of life, in a safe, sunny and unique natural and cultural environment.

Portugal is also the western door to the European Union (EU) and the nearest European country to the USA and South America. It is also a  committed partner of the 250 million people’s Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries.

All in all, Portugal is a great place to live in and the best study destination you could wish for.

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