The University of Porto offers a wide range of options in the areas of sports and culture. This is consistent with the belief that university is much more than simply a place for the acquisition and development of academic knowledge, but should aim, instead, to galvanize the development of talent at many levels and encourage a view of society from distinct perspectives.



The existence of a Cultural Commission at FEUP confirms the great importance given to culture and arts. FEUP’s Classical Orchestra is one of the most emblematic cultural projects. Throughout the year, there’s also Music and Painting Workshops open to students, teachers and  staff members.  Other cultural activities are scheduled on a regular basis, from theatre to exhibitions, movies, debates about art and society, among others. Some of these activities are promoted in collaboration with other local cultural institutions.

Being one of the main means of accessing the arts, the Library also has several cultural activities. As a way of encouraging reading habits in the university community, the Library set up the FEUP Reading Club, presenting sessions to stimulate discussion about authors and literary works. Other activities include training in information literacy, organizing lectures, exhibitions and sessions commemorating significant dates. The Library is also responsible for the FEUP Museum, created with the aim of categorising, preserving and disseminating the Faculty’s collection of artefacts and equipment.



Students can use a number of facilities for doing sports:

  • University Stadium Prof. Dr. Jayme Rios de Souza, which includes Pavilion Prof. Galvão Teles, a football pitch, a rugby pitch, an athletics track, two tennis courts, a stadium for multiple sports; sporting activities offered here include handball, athletics, badminton, basketball, football (indoor and outdoor), rugby, tennis, fitness classes, etc.
  • Boa Hora Sports Centre with university swimming pool, judo centre, table tennis centre, chess centre, medical clinic and sauna; activities offered here include aikido, billiards, gymnastics, judo, karate, weightlifting, swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, table tennis, volleyball, chess and yoga.

The University of Porto’s sports facilities also include the Rowing and Canoeing Centre, located on the south bank of the river Douro (Vila Nova de Gaia).

Besides providing various facilities for sport activities, the University of Porto also has agreements with several gyms, thus offering students even more opportunities to do physical exercise.

Find out more on the website of CDUP – the University of Porto Sports Centre.

Students’ Association Sports Leagues

The Faculty of Engineering’s Students’ Association (AEFEUP) gives students the opportunity to play sports and, at the same time, represent the Faculty in the Porto Academic Championships (CAP) organized by the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP), or the National University Championships (CNU) organized by the Academic Federation of University Sports (FADU).

FEUP fields teams in the following sports:

  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Indoor Football: Men and Women’s
  • Volleyball: Men and Women’s