Undergraduate Programmes 2024/2025

Tuition fees Non-EU students (except CPLP countries):

€6000/year* (or €600* X 10 installments)

Tuition fees students from CPLP countries (45% discount): 

€3300/year* (or €330* X 10 installments)

Tuition fees EU-students:

€871,52/year* (or €88* X 10 instalments)

Application fee: €100

Outstanding students may be eligible for a financial incentive. In this case, tuition fees are reduced to the legal maximum amount for Portuguese students. Public Regulation regarding this incentive is available here. The application notice for incentives for 2023/2024 contains the deadlines, the number of incentives, among other information.


Masters 2024/2025

Tuition fees at the Master´s level may vary from programme to programme. In general, fees range between €4000* and €6000* per year for Non-EU students, with a 45% discount for CPLP countries. For Portuguese and European students, the fees range between €1500* and €3000*/year.

Tuition fees: €1500* – €6000*/year (may be paid in 10 installments)        Application fee: €55

Incentives for International Masters Students

FEUP grants financial incentives to international students with the best performance in the 1st semester of the 1st year of the course, by the Regulation of Incentives for Master’s Students of the University of Porto. For more information, please contact us.

Doctoral Programmes 2024/2025

The tuition fee for the Doctoral Programmes ranges between €2750* and €6350* for Non-EU students and national and European students. There is a limited number of doctoral grants financed by companies that cooperate with FEUP in the area of research. You may also check scholarships from the FCT, the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research, and technology).

Tuition fees: €2750* – €3000/year* (ou €750/year* X 4 installments)        Application fee: €55


In any case, we advise all prospective students and researchers to check all financial possibilities in their own countries.


*To be confirmed for 2024/2025. You may check the fees for 2023/2024 on this page.