Career Service

FEUP supports the professional integration of students and recent graduates, as well as career management for its alumni, through vocational guidance and counselling.

It additionally holds an annual Job Fair (FEUP Career Fair), which enables students to have direct contact with companies, including also a number of activities related to employment, recruitment and networking. The presence of national and international businesses is not limited only to this event, as an ever increasing number of companies are holding presentation and recruitment sessions at FEUP for students and recent graduates.


Support for the creation of spin-offs and start-ups

This support is provided through the disseminating programs to encourage business creation and providing contact details of consulting firms, venture capital and business angels supporting new business creation, as well as business incubators and Business Innovation Centres (BICs).

Besides these initiatives, FEUP students also have the option of:

  • participating in various conferences, ideas competitions and lectures related to entrepreneurship and the creation of new companies and businesses;
  • establishing themselves as promoters of entrepreneurship within the FEUP community, participating on conference panels or testifying to their success.


Students with special educational needs

Through the Orientation and Integration Office FEUP aims to contribute to the welfare and integration of all students, with particular attention to students with disabilities and/or special educational needs (SEN’s).

SEN students experience more difficulty with the learning process and integration in an academic setting, arising from the dynamic interaction between environmental factors (physical, social and attitudinal) and / or limitations in terms of hearing, vision, motor, physical health, among others.

Thus, the GOI is a free service, available to all students, which provides useful information (about rights, legislation and support organizations) and raises awareness among the FEUP community towards these issues.


Medical and Psychological Support

FEUP students can benefit from free medical and psychological support.

Medical support is guaranteed by the University of Porto and covers many specialties, such as general practice, psychiatry, gynaecology and dentistry.

Psychological support can be obtained directly at FEUP from the Orientation and Integration Office (GOI), which has two trained psychologist. This service may involve psychological counselling, which aims to help students seek alternatives and develop problem-solving strategies, or give advice on matters relating to personal, social or academic life. Information on applying for scholarships, housing, social support entities, and integration at university are among the most common questions raised.