Do you consider to study Engineering in Europe? The University of Porto is a top ranked European university, which stands also amongst the best in the world!

At the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) we offer a wide variety of Undergraduate and Graduate study programmes, not only in Engineering, but also in cross-sectional areas. Some of these programmes are even offered together with other Faculties of the University of Porto or even with other universities. Meawhile, FEUP holds hundreds of cooperation agreements with recognized higher education institutions worldwide. This, therefore, allows students to do a mobility programme for a semester or a year in a country of his choice.

In addition, you can find FEUP in Portugal, in the beautiful city of Porto. Porto is known for its friendly people, pleasant climate and food, while being at the same time among the most affordable destinations in Europe. If your focus is on pure research, you should also know that FEUP is located in the Porto Innovation District. The Porto Innovation Districts accounts for one of the largest densities of Talent, Knowledge and Innovation in Europe. FEUP is known for its high level of research and education, premium infra-structures and excellent academic environment. Therefore, it is the most popular Engineering school at a national level.

This website is directed to prospective students. Here you can get to know the study programmes we offer, application instructions, directions for contact, testimonials from our current students and alumni, among others. There’s a new world of opportunities with us! So, would you like to find out?