Porto, like other Portuguese academic cities, has a well-creased a set of traditions that accompany the growth of the Academy .

From the academic dress code to the implementation of the well-known Praxe and celebration of Queima das Fitas, Invicta university students live their traditions with great pride and enthusiasm.

Queima das Fitas

The academic tradition of the Queima das Fitas is a festive week which takes place every year during the month of May. It is organized by the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP) having as it’s main objective provide good and more affordable concerts to all students. International bands like MGMT , Gabriel , o Pensador and Franz Ferdinand have gone through our Queima das Fitas.

Only in 1979 Queima das Fitas of Porto began to take the molds that are currently known, with numerous activities: from Serenata, to the Parade , Promenade Concert, Festival Ibérico de Tunas Académicas, Cultural Soiree , etc. . This development made Queima das Fitas stop being a restricted party to students to become the biggest event in the city of Porto and biggest Academic party in the country.

Academic Procession

The Academic Procession is one of the highlights of Queima das Fitas it has also become a real tourist attraction . The finalists with top hat , cane and briefcase with color ribbons, according to the course they are attending, parade through the streets , along with other colleagues costumed with gown or the t-shirts of the study programme. All courses have their thematic allegorical car.


Their tradition reassembles to the University of Coimbra, the oldest in Portugal, and throughout time spread to all universities in the country. The goal was always to unify and distinguish the academic community.

Traditionally composed by a cloak and cassock, until 1937 only men wore the costume, it was the women of the University of Porto that first adopt this tradition.

Although mainly used in academic ceremonies, during Praxe or other special occasions for students, it’s relatively common to see students with gown at Porto or FEUP.


Praxe is a set of practices that aim the reception and integration of new students in higher education institutions. These are conducted, according to its promoters, by codes approved by restricted groups of the student community. When properly applied, this can be a good way of integration, through which new students (freshmen) know older students that can help them throughout their academic life, and colleagues from your own year, contributing for new friendships.