Relaxation Exercises

“Open minds cultivate healthy souls” – Sigma

From the biggest dreams to the smallest achievements of our day-to-day lives, the result comes from our effort. Whether getting a diploma or winning the dream job, all of this requires a lot of dedication and individual effort from each one.

But success is not built by effort alone. To get there, you also need to relax!

Relaxing means returning to the natural state of calm, both physical and emotional, leaving the state of tension. Relaxing is to drastically reduce muscle, physical and psychic activity, through a conscious and self-directed act.

Relaxation exercises have been known since ancient times and vary from culture to culture.

Here are some easy-to-access techniques, so you can balance your body and mind:

Listen to music
The benefits of music range from pain relief, memory improvement and encouragement to practice physical activity. Music activates the brain’s pleasure center and causes a sense of well-being.

Choose the songs that calm your mind, the ones that increase the energy in your body, choose the ones that reduce tensions and worries, choose the ones that take you to travel… choose and create your own playlist and always use it whatever you want. Music can be an economical technique and is always within your reach.

Also check the events that we suggest in our calendar and discover the concerts you can attend.


Deep breathing follows the rhythm of the organism and promotes relaxation, thanks to the oxygenation of the organs. It is a simple and powerful relaxation technique, easy to learn, and can be practiced anywhere. Deep breathing is the cornerstone of many other relaxation practices and in a minute you can do this exercise:

– Place your hand over your navel to feel the up / down movement of your belly as you breathe.
– Inhale, hold your breath and count to three.
– Expires. Pause again to count to three.
– Continue to breathe deeply for a minute, always taking breaks to count to three.


Yoga is an ancient discipline with no expiration date, which is renewed daily, every moment, in the encounter of the human being with himself … it is to enter into dialogue with the body in all its dimensions: physical, energetic, emotional and mental.

Yoga means union, integration; that guides the connection of all the parts that make up the human being, making them interact, providing a conscious sense of Being. Yoga transforms our body and our mind, leading to the discovery of essential freedom.

Currently, with the expansion of the number of practitioners, there is a wide offer of schools and paid and free options that may be at your fingertips.
From private lessons in schools to free group lessons in parks and public spaces … the offer today is diverse.

The practice of Yoga was thought of as something universal, for all people, regardless of physical type, age or motor condition. In other words: everyone can practice Yoga, even those who do not master the most complex positions of circus arts. Because one of the main lessons of this practice is to realize that the essence goes far beyond what the mirror shows.

Therefore, demystify feeling “ashamed” by your physical type if it doesn’t fit the standard dictated as “ideal” by society.

As a result of this constant and progressive discovery that you will make about yourself, you will notice a change in your view of the world, and consequently the change that the world expects of you.

Yoga is more than squirming; is to recognize yourself.

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“Dias com Energia” is an initiative of the municipal company “Ágora – Cultura e Desporto do Porto” that has been taking place for some time. This year, 2020, operating conditions had to undergo some adjustments due to the pandemic, but they continue to happen.

Until October, on Saturdays and Sundays, and taking into account the favorable weather conditions, it was possible to enjoy yoga, pilates or tai-chi classes in a garden. From now on, classes will be held in pavilions around the city.

Classes are free, but the number of participants is limited, taking into account the space. Thus, prior registration is required.

Classes take place on Saturday mornings. Registration for the available classes must be made through the email You must indicate your name, your age and the desired program and then wait for confirmation.

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