Throughout your life you go through various stages of socialization. Whether as an individual being in which the process translates into social well-being; whether as a member of a group, society or organization where the process will maintain and sustain your wellness.

The concepts of culture and wellness that emphasize different dimensions, are always in development, as they are influenced by the way of thinking about the human evolution over time.

FEUP is increasingly a space where this evolution takes place. An intercultural space, where diverse cultures coexist.

In 2019/2020 FEUP had:

391  foreign students in the integrated master’s and undergraduate study cycles;
309 in the 2nd cycle (50% of students enrolled in an independent master’s degree);
292 in doctoral programs (33% of students enrolled in DP)

The largest fraction (71% of foreign students) are from South America.

The intercultural approach together with the holistic wellness recognize the complexity that exists in each of the students.
If you are a foreign student, being in Portugal studying can be an interesting challenge, but it can also involve a great deal of pressure.

With our more comprehensive approach, you will benefit from a specific accompaniment that takes into account the differences resulting from interculturality and that promotes a healthy coexistence between all.

The wellness program’s approach aims to include and combine physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, individual and professional wellness; because we believe that some dimensions influence others.

Therefore, we want to look at you (and especially for you) as a being with different dimensions, from an integrative cultural, social and relational perspective that takes into account the dialectical process that connects the Self and the Other.

More than an approach to mobility and diversity of minority groups, we want to affirm this interculturality as a resource for training and revaluing cultural identities and citizenship, an opportunity for individual, social and cultural development … a process of resilience.

So that you can strengthen your skills as an individual being part of the group, so that you are aware of your rights and duties and so that you can face diversity, otherness, change and create your life project in a positive and participatory way, explore all the dimensions of wellness that we have prepared for you.