Psychological and Social Support

Orientation and Integration Office (GOI)

You can come to this office if you need any psychological support, advice or guidance, and also if you want to be involved in student volunteering. The main services it provides are as follows:

Individual psychological counseling
This specialized support is based on an empathetic and supportive relationship, allowing students to find alternatives and develop strategies to resolve any problems they may be experiencing whether psychosocial, vocational and/or to do with personal development.

Advice and Orientation
This service aims to provide guidance to students on a more or less ad hoc basis regarding personal, social and/or academic issues, such as: information about applying for scholarships; information about accommodation; information about social support organizations; support to help students integrate into university and prepare them for entering into working life.

Social support and Academic Integration
In this area the GOI serves to promote and/or collaborate in efforts to improve students’ integration and well-being at FEUP. It deals both with student support and special educational needs, announcing offers of part-time work for students experiencing financial difficulties, in conjunction with other services provided by FEUP and the U.Porto.

+351 225 081 625

Student Ombudsman

Though not holding any decision-making power, the role of the Student Ombudsman is to defend and promote the rights and legitimate interests of students at the University of Porto in matters related to the university, acting independently, impartially and confidentially.

The Ombudsman’s sphere of activity covers all the government agencies, services and officials pertaining to the core structure of the University of Porto, and to those of the Social Services, Faculties and other organizational bodies.

+351 220 408 025/6
U.Porto Rectory – room: GT 350