Entrepreneurship is a living concept within the U.Porto, visible in numerous activities, infrastructures, services and events united by the objective of stimulating the entrepreneurial capacity of students, teachers, researchers, former students, but also of the community in general.

We identified it in the training offer, in the pioneering Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MIETE), where it seeks to stimulate the integrated training of managers and entrepreneurs through hands-on education, with a view to developing innovative businesses. teachers and researchers.

We found it in our students, who started the initiative to create the Entrepreneurship Club of the University of Porto (CEdUP), a pioneering organization in Portugal whose main objective is to stimulate and inspire the members of U.Porto with a willingness to undertake. And also at StartUP Buzz, an organization led by students whose mission is to inspire the academic world to be more entrepreneurial.

We rewarded him through iUP25k, the U.Porto Business Ideas competition that, every year, distinguishes the best projects born in the academy. We instill it in initiatives such as Startup Pirates, a week-long program that helps entrepreneurs develop business ideas, or the BIP – Business Ignition Program, an entrepreneurship course for those who want to develop a business based on technologies developed in academia.

We celebrate it every year in conferences, informal conversations, workshops and other actions integrated in the Week of Promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Porto (Spie UP), an event that has already become a reference in the city in the field of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

We share it with universities around the world through initiatives like RedEmprendia, a network of Ibero-American universities that promotes responsible innovation and entrepreneurship, of which U.Porto has been a partner since 2011. And we live it with society in general, to whom we seek to spread our example.

UPTEC – Science and Technology of University of Porto

UPTEC supports the creation and development of business projects in the arts, sciences and technologies, through sharing knowledge between the University and the market.

It is a meeting point between different disciplines, contexts and specialists. It is a space to risk, provoke, share, build and learn. UPTEC is a place for open-minded and highly qualified people to dream, create and develop a better future for all of us.

More info:
Rua Alfredo Allen, nº 455/461, 4200-135 Porto
Phone: (+351) 22 030 1500
E-mail: geral@uptec.up.pt