Local Center to Support Immigrant’s Integration


The mission of CLAIM FEUP is to go beyond information, by supporting the whole process of reception and integration of international students, articulating with the various local structures, and promoting interculturality at a local level.

This AIMA service provides support and general information in several areas, such as regularization, nationality, family reunification, housing, voluntary return, work, health, education, among other daily issues.

Integrated into CLAIM Network, it also has specialized Support Offices, which intervene in different specialized areas, in order to complement and solidify their integration process.

CLAIM Network – A Local Network for Proximity Care

CLAIM is the result of partnerships established between the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum – AIMA, which, in cooperation, promote an integrated service.

The service is personalized and counts on the collaboration of qualified technicians.


Integrated into iPoint, this CLAIM is located in Room A215, Building A of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.