Accommodation and Family Support

“Family is not an important thing, it is everything” Michael J. Fox


For students looking for accommodation in the city of Porto, there are essentially three types of solutions:

  • Accommodation in University Residence (under the responsibility of the U.Porto International Relations Service)
  • Accommodation in a Private University Residence
  • Apartment Accommodation

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Family Reunification

If you are an immigrant living legally in Portugal and wish to bring to the national territory one or more members of your family you may go to the Cabinet of Support to Family Reunification (GARF), working at the National Centre of Support to the Immigrant (CNAI). There all the necessary information will be given in order to star your process of Family Reunification.

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How can I enroll my child in school?

To enroll your child in a school, you must first gather all the necessary documents. If you have difficulty obtaining these documents, report this problem to the school. The enrollment request must be submitted, preferably, via the internet in the computer application available on the Portal das Escolas [].

As it is not possible to comply with the provisions referred to above, the application for registration may be submitted in person at the competent services of the education and teaching establishment intended for the frequency, and these services shall proceed with the registration of the registration in the aforementioned computer application.

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