Social Wellness

Social wellness means having and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships with family, friends and the wider community. It implies empathy and attunement in the interaction with others, accepting and including the diversity of profiles and perspectives, together with individual well-being, makes you able to successfully manage situations of conflict and change.

This dimension of wellness corresponds to the ability to respond to social challenges and tasks such as: coherence, integration, contribution and social acceptance.

Here we address variables of this dimension such as: free time, local culture, sustainability and family support; so that you can connect with others and maintain strong relationships, surrounding yourself with positive people and feeling comfortable with yourself even in social environments.

Ways to improve social wellness include:

Involve with your school, your work or your community

Being a volunteer in some type of initiative

Schedule activities to be with family or friends

Strive to build new relationships

Adopt a responsible and sustainable posture

Trust yourself in all social situations

Consult the suggestions we leave you about:
Leisure, Local Culture, Sustainability and Family Support and achieve your social wellness!