Date: 15th June, 13h00-14h30

Place: B corridor



Submissions will be reviewed and, based on the combined marks of the reviewers, they will be assigned either for oral or poster presentation (you may put an indication of ‘Oral’ or ‘Poster’ in the Easychair submission platform, but that indication will have to be validated by you respective Symposia Committee)

All accepted abstract to ‘Presentation by poster’ will have its reference displayed in this webpage. They will also be published in the specific Symposia Book of Abstracts.



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Symposium on Biomedical Engineering

    • Ana Fernandes. Chlorhexidine-releasing composite hydrogel for the prevention and control of bacterial infections #107
    • Maria Inês A Barbosa. A 3D Computational Framework for Simulating Cell Proliferation #112
    • Carlos Rodrigues. Sagittal lower limb joint angular kinematic coordination at different standard maximum vertical jump #385
    • Catarina Reis, Miguel Rodrigues; Maria Lopes; José Santos. Development of bioceramic porous microspheres for bone regeneration #333

Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering

    • Mariana Sousa, Ana C. Afonso, Lília Soares Teixeira, Anabela Borges, Maria José Saavedra, Lúcia Chaves Simões and Manuel Simões: The antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of novel phytochemicals against Escherichia coli. #21 POSTER
    • João P. Santos, Nuno Guimarães, Eva Pinho, Rita S. Santos and Nuno Azevedo: Delivery of Nucleic Acid Mimics into bacteria: effect of liposome composition in delivery efficiency. #24 POSTER
    • Manuel Peñas-Garzón, Almudena Gómez-Avilés, Javier Álvarez-Conde, Jorge Bedia, Eva M.  García-Frutos and Carolina Belver: Metal-free sensitization of TiO2 for photocatalytic removal of pharmaceuticals under solar irradiation. #38 POSTER
    • Diana Pinto, Manuela M. Moreira, Anna Vallverdú-Queralt, Cristina Delerue-Matos and Francisca Rodrigues: Bioactivity and phenolic composition of chestnut shells extract before and after in-vitro simulated gastrointestinal digestion. #56 POSTER
    • Filipa Teixeira, Ana Margarida Silva, Cristina Delerue-Matos and Francisca Rodrigues: Bioactive composition of goji berries extracted by Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction: Validation of a mathematical model. #68 POSTER
    • Yara B. Bastos, Antónia Gonçalves, Berta M.A.N. Estevinho and Fernando Rocha: Microparticles containing Fragaria vesca leaf extract produced with biopolymeric matrices: Binary and ternary blends of alginate, pectin and carrageenan. #83 POSTER
    • Beatriz T. Magalhães: Evaluating the diffusion of NAMs across the bacterial envelope. #86 POSTER
    • Filipe Almeida, Fernando Rocha and António Azevedo Ferreira: Continuous gas-liquid mass transfer in an oscillatory flow reactor provided with smooth periodic constrictions. #109 POSTER
    • Mariana B. Soares Felgueiras: Screening of supports and metal phases to obtain highly active catalysts for the CO2 conversion in C2+ products. #111 POSTER
    • Gabriela P. Queirós, Clara Pereira and André M. Pereira: Investigation of different gel polymer electrolytes for flexible electrochromic supercapacitors. #119 POSTER
    • Ana Rita F. Pereira, Inês Gomes and Manuel Simões: Are parabens a hushed threat to drinking water microbiological quality? #121 POSTER 
    • Rafaela M. Cabral: Ecological brick production from water treatment sludge in Brazil. #142 POSTER
    • Thais Theomaris Grabowski and Ramiro José Espinheira Martins: Treatment of effluent from the olive pomace oil extraction industry by coagulation. #146 POSTER
    • Ana C. Afonso, Inês Gomes, Maria José Saavedra, Lúcia Simões and Manuel Simões: Delftia acidovorans extracellular metabolites increase the biomass and metabolic activity of drinking water biofilms. #173 POSTER
    • Mariana Gomes: Delivering antisense NAMs into bacteria using dendritic lipids. #197 POSTER
    • Ricardo Oliveira, Eva Pinho, Nuno F. Azevedo and Carina Almeida: Selection of nucleic acid mimic (NAM) aptamers: from de novo SELEX to post-SELEX enhancement. #262 POSTER
    • Maria Teresa Oliveira, Isabel Barbosa, Margarida Brito, Cláudia G. Silva and Ricardo J. Santos: CFD design of photocatalytic mesostructured reactors for ammonia production. #268 POSTER
    • Sara Ferreira and Lúcia Santos: Phenolic rich extracts from by-products: promising compounds for the development of value-added foods. #296 POSTER
    • Racha Mansouri, Thais Theomaris Grabowski and Ramiro José Espinheira Martins: Efficient wastewater treatment in olive pomace oil extraction industry using Fenton method. #334 POSTER
    • Rita Marques: Active and stable Iridium-based catalyst for conducting oxygen evolution reaction in a proton exchange membrane electrolyser. #339 POSTER
    • Ingrid D. Soares, Isabel Maria Duque Martins, Júlia C. Kessler, Christianne Elisabete da Costa Rodrigues and Alírio Egídio Rodrigues: Identification of aromatic compounds in cocoa bean shells compared to natural cocoa powder. #340 POSTER
    • Ana Silva: Evaluating the impact of thermal disinfection on Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilm structures using a CDC biofilm reactor. #341 POSTER
    • Violina B. Barbosa, Laura Cerqueira, João Miranda and Nuno F. Azevedo: Microparticles separation in microchannels. #345 POSTER
    • Paula Esteiro Simón and Elisa González-Romero: Looking for the toxin. #350 POSTER
    • Ana Rita T. Fernandes, Ana Rita Lado Teixeira Ribeiro, Luís M. Madeira and Adrián M.T. Silva: Direct contact membrane distillation-promoted persulfate activation as an innovative approach in water desalination. #351 POSTER
    • Ana M. Chávez: Photocatalytic activity of phosphorescent strontium aluminate doped with Eu2+ and Dy3+. #360 POSTER
    • Barbara Lomba Fernandez, Antía Fdez-Sanromán, Emilio Rosales, Marta Curras and Mª Ángeles Sanromán: Development of different CuFe-MOF/PMS systems for selective treatment of wastewater pollutants. #363 POSTER
    • Mafalda Pina: Reduction of critical raw materials in PEM water electrolysis catalysts for green hydrogen production. #366 POSTER
    • Patrícia Ramalho, Salomé Soares and Fernando Pereira: Carbon nanotube-supported bimetallic catalysts with high activity for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx. #370 POSTER
    • Miguel M. Leitão, Manuel Simões and Anabela Borges: Effectiveness of selected aldehydes as inhibitors of the LasI/LasR quorum sensing pathway and enhancers of antibiotic activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms. #373 POSTER

Symposium on Civil Engineering

    • Baldaia, David; Ferreira, Gonçalo; António, Marco; Montenegro, Pedro A: Evaluation of the dynamic behavior of integral railway bridges with soil-structure interaction. #10
    • Ribeiro, Maria T; Barreira, Eva; Almeida, Ricardo: The Impact of a Dynamic Thermal Insulation System on Indoor Thermal Comfort: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Characterisation. #25
    • Delignière, Dóris P; Azevedo, Nuno; Cismasiu, Ildi: Prediction of rubble-stone masonry walls response under uniaxial compression and shear-compression using 2D particle modelling. #69
    • Silva, Renata; Martins, JoãoAutomatic Project Check based on BIM Objects. #103
    • Rocco, Angelica: From rural buildings to energy efficiency: giant cane Arundo Donax L. #114
    • Mendes, Paulo Jorge: Microstructure and hardness properties of a S690QL steel welded joint. #117
    • Mourão, António; Silva, João; Horas, Cláudio; Correia, José; Bittencourt, Túlio; Calçada, Rui: Effect of Fatigue Accumulation Rules on Probabilistic Modelling of Riveted Bridge Connections. #135
    • Veloso, Rita C; Souza, Andrea; Maia, Joana; Ventura, João; Veiga, Rosário; Ramos, Nuno: High reflective finishing coatings based on nanotechnology for optical improved façades. #140
    • Gomes, Marisa; Carneiro, José Ricardo; Vieira, Castorina S.: Inclined plane shear behaviour of the interface between a recycled aggregate from construction and demolition waste and geosynthetics. #168
    • Rodrigues, Leonardo; Parracho, Diogo F. R.; Freitas, Sara; Martins, João Poças; Guimarães, Ana Sofia; Delgado, João: 3D Reconstruction using Drones as a Tool for Energy Efficiency in Buildings – BIM to BEM. #194
    • Margalho, Élida; Jr., Orlando Lima; Segundo, Iran; Nunes, Clarisse; Tavares, Carlos ; Freitas, Elisabete F.; Carneiro, Joaquim: Evaluation of Air Cleaning using Functionalized Asphalt Mixture Sprayed with TiO2 Nanoparticles. #232
    • Gonçalves, Vítor; Mosleh, Araliya; do Vale, Cecilia Maria Nogueira Alvarenga Santos; Montenegro, Pedro A: Algorithm development for out-of-roundness detection in railway vehicles. #238
    • Martins, Gonçalo M; Pereira, Pedro F; Jesus, Manuel; Pessoa, Sofia; Matos, Ana Mafalda ; Guimarães, Ana Sofia; Rangel, Bárbara: Characterization of a Cement Mixture for 3D Printing. #239
    • Salvi, Chanalisa R: New sensor technologies applied to dynamic monitoring of railway bridges. #294
    • Martins, Bernardo M; Pinto, Francisco Taveira; Santos, Paulo; das Neves, Luciana: Identification of vulnerable zones to erosion along the Caminha-Espinho coastal stretch based on recent shoreline evolution. #295
    • Mushahid Hussain, Felipe França, Ana Aguiar: Context-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Supporting WiFi Connectivity for Vehicles. #195  POSTER
    • Sofia C Martins, Ana Aguiar, Peter Steenkiste: Towards an End-to-End Energy Model for Virtualized RANs. #210   POSTER
    • Vitor Minhoto: Man-Machine Symbiosis: Towards an implicit and affective relationship between man and machine. #217   POSTER
    • Barikisu Asulba: Towards reducing resource consumption of ML and DL algorithms in Embedded Systems. #222  POSTER

Symposium in Engineering and Public Policy

no posters

Symposium on Engineering Physics

    • Fernandes, Cláudia R; Ventura, J; Silva, D J. Simulation of magnetocaloric effect using different numerical approaches. #4
    • Ayala Esmoris, Francisco; Teixeira, Joana; Costa, Rui; Nunes, Marta; Pereira, André M; Pereira, Clara. Carbon Nanotubes Hybridized with Metal Sulfides as Electrode Nanomaterials for Thermally-Chargeable Textile Supercapacitors. #26
    • Roque, Carlos Eduardo; Pires, Ana Lúcia; Pereira, Andre M. Plasmonic Systems for Wireless Energy Transfer: From Numerical Simulations to Nanofabrication. #30
    • Guerreiro, Catarina M; Teodoro, Orlando; Ferreira da Silva, Filipe. Developing a chemical ionization ion source prototype. #59
    • Carvalho, Francisco M; Caspani, Sofia; Magalhães, R; Sousa, Célia T; Araújo, João P. Magnetic Nanostructures for biotechnological applications. #63
    • Lopes, Tomás; Rodrigues, Pedro; Cavaco, Rafael; Capela, Diana; Ferreira, Miguel; Guimarães, Diana; Jorge, Pedro; Silva, Nuno. Interactive three-dimensional chemical element maps with Spectral Imaging and photogrammetry. #78
    • Teixeira, Joana M; C. Moreira, Felipe; A. S. Jorge, Pedro; D Ferreira, Tiago; A. Silva, Nuno. Intelligent and Multimodal Optical Tweezers for high-throughput applications. #82
    • Tavares, Pedro B; Naia, Marco; Marinho, Francisco; Pereira, Mário; Fernandes, José; Queiroga, Sofia; Queiroga, Ana; Costa, Beatriz; Malamon, Maksym. Some experimental results of practical laboratory teaching in the 1st year of Engineering Physics at UTAD. #95
    • Silva, Juan M; Ferreira, Tiago; Dias, Catarina; Silva, Nuno. Towards All-Optical Computing with Extreme Learning Machines. #102
    • Sousa, Tomás C; Galaviz, Daniel; Rhee, Han-Bum. Electromagnetic calorimeter calibration with cosmic muons. #110
    • Folhadela, João Coelho; Pires, Ana; Pereira, André. A New Paradigm on Personal Health: Multifunctional E-tattoos for Seamless Monitoring. #120
    • Adame, Carolina F; Alves, Eduardo; Barradas, Nuno; Bundaleski, Nenad; Pinto, Pedro; Deuermeier, Jonas; Delaup, Yorick; Ferreira, Isabel; Neupert, Holger; Himmerlich, Marcel; Pfeiffer, Stephan; Rimoldi, Martino; Taborelli, Mauro; Teodoro, Orlando. Amorphous carbon thin films: Influence of hydrogen contamination on the secondary electron emission properties. #154
    • Cunha, Cristina; Silva, Susana; Frazão, Orlando; Novais, Susana. Proof of Concept for a Self-Imaging-Based Non-Invasive Fiber Sensor for Glucose Detection. #161
    • Silva, Ricardo A S; Bundaleski, Nenad; Teodoro, Orlando. Achievements and developments in design and simulation of ionisation gauges. #178
    • Campos, Catarina F; Ventura, João; Dias, Catarina. Flexible resistive switching devices for neuromorphic applications. #186
    • Santos, Diogo Alexandre; Almeida, Rafael; Guimarães, Ana Sofia; Belo, Joao. Preliminary study on achieving near zero thermal expansion in 3d-printed mortars. #199
    • Morujão, Nuno; Correia, Carlos; Andrade, Paulo; Garcia, Paulo. Seeing estimations from on-sky adaptive optics telemetry. #208
    • Rodrigues, António V; Frazão, Orlando; Robalinho, Paulo; Tavares, Sérgio. White light interferometric sensing system for measurement of fiber optic interferometric sensors. #211
    • Ramos, Mariana; Magalhães, João; Rodrigues, Cátia; Pires, Ana Lúcia; Pereira, André M. Radial Thermoelectric Devices for Remote Monitoring Applications. #213
    • Mota Fernandes, Jorge Luís. Optimization of anodic WO3 nanotube fabrication for photoelectrochemical solar cells. #215
    • Lopes, João; Pereira, Andre M; Teixeira, Joana; Costa, Rui; Pereira, Clara. Development and Optimization of Thermal Chargeable Supercapacitors Through Numerical Simulation. #219
    • Salgueiro, Tiago Afonso B R M; Veloso, Rita C; Oliveira, Joana; Ventura, João. PVA-based polymers for solid state electrolyte interface resistance optimization. #221
    • Oliveira, João; Silva, Bruna Machado; Almeida, Bernardo. Structural and Dielectric Properties of CoFe2O4/BaTiO3 Bilayer Thin Films Deposited by Laser Ablation over SrTiO3. #223
    • Santos, Alexandra S G; Veloso, Rita Carvalho; Ramos, Nuno M M; Ventura, João; Costa, Cláudia; Gonçalves, Tânia. Incorporation of nanomaterials in high pressure laminates for the improvement of energetic efficiency of facades. #227
    • Afonseca, Luís R; Silva, Daniel; Ventura, João. Development of thermal diodes based on phase change materials. #228
    • Almeida, Rafael; Beleza, André; Niehoff, Timo; Gottschall, Tino; Belo, Joao. Lagless Temperature Measurement through Magnetization in Pulsed High Magnetic Fields. #230
    • Soares, Patrícia SM; Ferreira, João P A; Veloso, Ana Rita; Oliveira, Joana; Ventura, João. Energy harvesting using low carbon footprint bio-waste WEIGs. #252

Symposium on Environmental Engineering

Topic | Water and Waste Management: towards new approaches

    • Ana Sofia Fernandes, Filipe Rocha, Thiago Silva, Vera Homem. Phytotoxicity Testing of Sewage Sludge and Individual Emerging Contaminants in Agricultural Soil. #166 POSTER
    • Carla S. Santos, Rosa Montes, Rosário Rodil, José B. Quintana, Ana I. Gomes, Vítor J.P. Vilar. Urban Wastewater Resources Recovery – Integration of Nanofiltration and Advanced Oxidation Processes. #174 POSTER
    • Salima Benniche, Ariana Pintor, Ounissa Kebiche-Senhadji, Cidália Botelho, Claudia Fontas. Removal of Remazol Brilliant Orange dye by chitin beads modified by ionic liquid. #179 POSTER
    • Isabella Tomasi, Mafalda Rodrigues, Sílvia Santos, Rui Boaventura, Cidália Botelho. Coagulants derived from chestnut shell and maritime pine bark extracts: preparation and use for textile effluent decolorization. #191 POSTER
    • Sara Sousa, Ana F. Esteves, José Carlos Pires, Eva Salgado. Microalgal growth in urban wastewater: biomass production with nutrients removal. #198 POSTER
    • Rúben A. Martins, Eva M. Salgado, Ana L. Gonçalves, José C. Pires, Ana F. Esteves. Textile Effluent Treatment: from Microalgae Growth to Nutrient Removal. #204 POSTER
    • Carolina Maia, Larissa Ramos, José C.M. Pires, Joana A. Loureiro, Maria Carmo Pereira. Microalgae harvesting by flocculation followed by dissolved air flotation: the effect of a natural flocculant concentration and mixing time. #212 POSTER
    • Cátia A.L. Graça, Riccardo Zema, Carla A. Orge, João Restivo, Juliana Sousa, Manuel F.R. Pereira, Olívia S.G.P. Soares. Evaluation of temperature and nitrogen modified activated carbons as catalysts in the ozonation of emerging pollutants. #293 POSTER
    • Verónica Poza-Nogueiras, Nuria Bernárdez, Bárbara Lomba, Marta Pazos, M. Ángeles Sanromán. Combined adsorption and electrochemical treatments for the remediation of water containing sulfamethoxazole. #330 POSTER
    • Verónica Poza-Nogueiras, João G. Pacheco, Cristina Delerue-Matos. Towards the development of a simple molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor for the detection of carbamazepine. #332 POSTER
    • Antía Fdez-Sanromán, Mª Ángeles Sanromán, Marta Pazos, Emilio Rosales. Design and synthesis of spherical Fe2.4Cu1-MOF@PAN for coloured effluent treatment. #335 POSTER
    • Alba Giráldez, Marta Pazos, Ángeles Sanromán. Generation of sulphate radical through heterogenous catalysis for wastewater remediation. #346 POSTER
    • Nuria Bernárdez, Emilio Rosales, Marta Pazos, M. Ángeles Sanromán. Adsorption capacity of two synthesized biochars and their application in pharmaceuticals removal. #347 POSTER
    • Daniel Terrón, Emilio Rosales, Marta Pazos, M. Ángeles Sanromán. A novel approach to prepare ZnFe-MOF adsorbent and catalyst: Application in dye and drugs removal from wastewater. #368 POSTER 
    • Sandra M. Miranda, Tatiana Matiazzo, Natan Padoin, Cíntia Soares, Tânia F.C.V. Silva, Vítor J.P. Vilar. Photocatalytic oxidation of n-decane in the mili-photoreactor NETmix. #374 POSTER
    • Marta A.P. Azevedo, Cátia A.L. Graça, Márcia A.D. Silva, Liliana M. Martelo, Helena M.V.M. Soares, Adrián M.T. Silva. Recycling of printed circuit board (PCB) waste as a catalyst in advanced water treatment. #404 POSTER
    • Laura J.R. Cullen, Isabel S. Fernandes, Ricardo J. Santos, Vítor J.P. Vilar. NETmix crystalliser for struvite precipitation: CFD modelling of flow dynamics and distribution. #405 POSTER
    • Margarida L.R. Peixoto, Margarida S.C.A. Brito, Ricardo J. Santos, Vítor J.P. Vilar. CFD Design of a Raceway Pond Reactor: Overall geometry improvement. #406 POSTER
    • Thalita Tavares, André Torres-Pinto, Cláudia G. Silva, Joaquim L. Faria, Adrián M.T. Silva. H2O2-assisted photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals in surface waters. #408 POSTER
    • Amanda Fujita, André Torres-Pinto, Maria J. Sampaio, Cláudia G. Silva, Joaquim L. Faria, Adrián M.T. Silva. Photocatalytic H2O2 generation and pollutant degradation by nonmetal doped carbon nitride. #409 POSTER

Topic | Sustainability and Innovation

    • Inês Rodrigues, Lidia Martínez-Izquierdo, Carlos Téllez, Joaquín Coronas, Alírio Rodrigues, Vítor Vilar, Alexandre Ferreira. CO2/N2 separation using PDMS membranes with inorganic filler ZSM-5. #255 POSTER
    • Teresa Ferreira, Sandra M. Gomes, Anabela Leitão, Arminda Alves, Lúcia Santos. Incorporation of Moringa oleifera leaf powder and extract in cereal-based foods. #314 POSTER
    • Filipe Rocha, Idalina Bragança, Nuno Ratola, Vera Homem. Evaluation of municipal sewage sludge compliance with Portuguese legislation for its agricultural use. #324 POSTER
    • Rúa-Pereira, E. Soto, E. González-Romero, M. Pazos, E. Rosales, M.A. Sanromán. Automatic monitoring and measurement system for electrodegradation processes. #349 POSTER

Topic | Clean Air and Energy: becoming accessible for all

    • Adhymaura Silva, Maria C. Pereira, Klara Slezakova. Understanding indoor air quality in private dwellings: a case study of Portuguese homes. #9 POSTER
    • Rafael A.O. Nunes, Maria C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, Fernando G. Martins, Sofia I.V. Sousa. Future shipping emissions – a review. #303 POSTER
    • Ana Catarina T. Silva, Pedro T.B.S. Branco, Sofia I.V. Sousa. Indoor air quality in vehicles: Can low-cost sensors be used as CO2 indicators? #306 POSTER
    • Chojer, P.T.B.S Branco, F.G. Martins, S.I.V. Sousa. Recent advancements in identifying sources of indoor air pollution using continuous monitoring methods. #310 POSTER
    • Juliana P. Sá, Pedro T.B.S. Branco, Maria C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, Fernando G. Martins, Sofia I.V. Sousa. Impact of PM2.5 in schools on asthma-related symptoms. #313 POSTER
    • Filipe Moisés M. Francisco, Paula Dias, Adélio Mendes. Tailoring photoelectrochemical stability of tantalum nitride for solar redox flow cells. #357 POSTER

Symposium on Informatics

no posters

Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering

    • Simão C. Viana, MariaLima and Sandra  Immobilized CuxOy produced by anodization for CO2 electrocatalytic reaction applications. #167 POSTER
    • Nathalia Hammes, Claver Pinheiro, Iran Rocha Segundo, NatáliaHomem, Helena  Felgueiras, Graça M. B. Soares, Elisabete Freitas, Manuel Costa and Joaquim Carneiro. Development of Coaxial Fibers Loaded with Polyethylene Glycol 2000 for Thermoregulation Applications. #207 POSTER
    • Ilse Valenzuela Matus, Jorge Lino Alves, Joaquim Góis and Paulo Vaz-Pires. Artificial substrates for coral settlement through Additive Manufacturing: Integration of pozzolanic and waste materials for mortar development. #237 POSTER

Symposium on Mechanical Engineering

    • Vítor M.G. Gomes, Nuno M.P. Pinto, José Neto, Joaquim Mendes, P.A Montenegro, Abílio M.P de Jesus, Rui Calçada: Big Data Collection for the Development of a Hybrid Digital Twin Model in the Maintenance Field of Leaf Springs Applied in Freight Wagons. #41 POSTER
    • Rui F.M. Couto, Marcelo F.S.F. de Moura, António G. de Magalhães, Raúl D.F. Moreira: Creep Damage Laws and Cohesive Zone Modelling of Composite Bonded Joints under Pure Mode I and II Loading. #134 POSTER
    • Rui Barreira-Pinto, Rodrigo Carneiro, Mário Miranda, Rui M. Guedes: Impact of water uptake and microbial degradation on the lifetime of biopolymer-matrix composites. #249 POSTER
    • Fábio Silva, António Ramos Silva: Multi-scale 3D vision using robotic assistant. #250 POSTER

Symposium on Mining Engineering and Geo-Resources

    • Ana S.G.R.M. da Silva e Maria de Lurdes Dinis. Occupational Exposure to Radon in the ACES Tâmega II – Vale do Sousa Sul. #108
    • Andres A. Cardenas Nino, Isabel Dias, Rosa Marques, Dulce Russo, Catarina Diamantino e Edgar Carvalho. Weather influence on the REE behavior in soils and sediments from an old uranium mine, Portugal. #118
    • Zaid Al-Shomali e Maria de Lurdes Dinis. Removal of Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) at water treatment plant with innovative approaches based on porous microspheres with immobilized catalysts. #122
    • Roberta C. Lobarinhas. The influence of high temperatures in stones capillarity behavior – Portuguese limestones. #150
    • Inês Amaral de Carvalho, Ana F. Duarte, Leonardo Azevedo e Luís Matias. Seismic data processing to image the water column in Northwest Portugal. #344
    • Alfredo M. Gomes. Precipitation indices – A tool for studying the drought phenomenon. #375
    • Tiago C. Silva. Monitoring and Control of Ground Vibrations in Construction Area of Arena Pernambuco Stadium. #377
    • Assane Luís Pena Bottom Surface, Easy Sediments and Depositional Models from the Beira Port Region to the Pungwe River Estuary, Part of the Mozambique Basin, SofalaMitoxe Munhembye #382
    • Pietro P.M. Merandino. Re-utilization of mining wastes – The case of a lithium-bearing ore. #410

Symposium on Occupational  Safety and Health 

    • Pedro Carretas. Occupational low back pain: a short systematic review. #17 POSTER
    • Pedro Carretas. Diagnostic perspectives in low back pain: a short systematic review. #18 POSTER
    • Sandra Lavandeira, Simone Morais, Marta Oliveira and Maria José Alves. Firefighters’ respiratory health. #100 POSTER
    • Maria Francisca Portilha Cunha, Arminda Alves, Ana R. L. Ribeiro, Adrián M. T. Silva and Mónica S. F. Santos. Surface contamination by antineoplastic drugs in three Portuguese hospitals. #123 POSTER

Symposium on Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering

no posters

Symposium on Spatial Planning

Group 1 | Enhancing Urban Sustainability: Innovations and Strategies for Addressing Climate Change

    • Lívia Campos, Ana Maria Pacetti, Ana Claudia Proença, Roberto Costa Filho, and Jhonatan Ferreira. Sharing my yard. #317 POSTER
    • Roberto Miguel Costa Filho and Sara Cruz. Case study of the municipal strategy for adaptation to climate change of Porto – Portugal. #319 POSTER
    • Marta Marino, Hon Chio Lai, Lenka Zdravkovic, Lara Cattani, and Alice M Polaro. Waterborders. #277 POSTER
    • Maria Luísa S. da Silva, Carla Hurst, Marta Marino, and Fabien Bianconi. Blue-green Infrastructures as a Tool to Mitigate Urbanization Negative Impacts: the Case of Ribeira da Granja in Porto. #15 POSTER
    • Isadora Santilli Neves and Anna Flora Forte Rauli. Ephemeral Interventions in Porto. #75 POSTER
    • Rayssa S. Souza. Green roofs: how the implementation of this system can be beneficial in Antas, in the city of Porto. #270 POSTER
    • Ana M. Pacetti. Nature-based solutions in the transformation of urban spaces. Case Study: Bananeira’s Community Garden. #153 POSTER

Group 2 | Urban Perspectives: Planning, Safety, and Transformative Insights

    • Maria Luísa S. da Silva, Rayssa Silva Souza, Flaviana Paiva, Jorsimeny Gama, and Ludmila Bastos. Feeling the paths of the city. #141 POSTER
    • João A. Abreu. Kintsugi. #308 POSTER
    • Alice M. Polaro and Adailson Mesquita. Deterritorialization: a critical chronology of the cultural urban landscape of the Patrimônio District. #243 POSTER
    • Lenka Zdravkovic. Urban Dam. #278 POSTER
    • Alice M. Polaro. Urban elevations: road overlapping solution and its controversial dialogue to urban mobility. #137 POSTER

Symposium on Sustainable Energy Systems

    • Cátia S Costa., J.P.Marques Cardoso. Identification and characterisation of population vulnerable to energy poverty – A case-study in the Northern Region, Portugal. #79
    • Analcísio António Rodino. Deep comparative analysis of DC and AC fault management methods of Modular Multilevel converters for HVDC grids. #97
    • Manuel Mota Barão. Development of a numerical model for Hydrogen Valleys techno-economical assessment and application to a case study in Portugal. #300