Date: 16th June, 15h00-15h30

Place: auditorium

Prof. Jaime Cardoso, Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Affairs will preside this session.

Each Symposia has chosen to award prizes to its authors.

All winners will receive a certificate and a prize.

The prizewinners will be ad aeternum placed in this webpage, after the Congress.

All participants should be present at this Session.


see the photos here



Simposium on Biomedical Engineering

  • Best Oral Presentation Award Pedro Miguel Alves. Fast-forward on skin wound resolution with antimicrobial and pro-angiogenic peptides: is covalent conjugation to norbornene-chitosan nanoparticles worth it? #172
  • Best Poster AwardMaria Inês Barbosa. bA 3D Computational Framework for Simulating Cell Proliferation #112

Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Best Oral Presentation Award –  Marta Lima. Development of antifouling surfaces coated with chitosan from Loligo opalescens for marine applications #369
  • Best Poster Award – Ana Rita Pereira. Are parabens a hushed threat to drinking water microbiological quality? #121

Symposium on Civil Engineering

  • Best Oral Presentation Award – Rui Valente. Hybrid precast railway bridge using HPFRC and UHPFRC #159

Symposium on Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Best Paper Award – Tamás Karácsony. In-bed action recognition for clinical diagnosis support: A two-stage, 3D motion capture and skeleton action recognition based approach #170
  • Best Paper Presentation Award – Francisco Vieira. Wireless Body Area Network Architecture with Precise Synchronization Services for Advanced Electro-Optical Neuromodulation Devices #193

Symposium on Engineering Physics

  • Best Oral Communication Award – Paulo Santos. Enhancing plasmonic sensing through surfactant exchange of high aspect-ratio silver nanorods #76
  • Best Poster Award – Ricardo Silva. Achievements and developments in design and simulation of ionisation gauges #178

Symposium on Environmental Engineering

  • Best Oral Presentation Award – Telmo da Silva Lopes. Highly-conductive transparent glass substrates for efficient and scalable photoelectrochemical water splitting #312
  • Best Poster Award – Juliana Sá. Impact of PM2.5 in schools on asthma-related symptoms #313

Symposium on Informatics

  • Best Oral Presentation Award – Helena Montenegro. Disentangled Representation Learning for Privacy-Preserving Case-Based Explanations #415

Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering

  • Best Oral Communication Award – Mafalda Santos Moreira. Developing Flexible Bi2Te3 Topological Insulators: projecting the next generation of Spintronic devices #12
  • Best Poster Award – Nathalia Hammes. Development of Coaxial Fibers Loaded with Polyethylene Glycol 2000 for Thermoregulation Applications #207

Symposium on Mechanical Engineering

  • Best Oral Communication Award – Rita Moura. Artificial intelligence and simulation-based techniques to predict pelvic floor stresses during childbirth #20
  • Best Poster Presentation Award – Vítor Gomes. Big Data Collection for the Development of a Hybrid Digital Twin Model in the Maintenance Field of Leaf Springs Applied in Freight Wagons #41

Symposium in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering

  • Best Oral Communication Award – Ana F. Duarte. Seismic oceanography imaging and modelling applied to Madeira abyssal plain #265
  • Best Poster Presentation Award – Inês Amaral de Carvalho. Seismic data processing to image the water column in Northwest Portugal #344

Symposium on Occupational Health and Safety

  • Best oral communication Award – Joana Teixeira. Early biomarkers of kidney injury in firefighters exposed to a controlled structure fire #91
  • Best poster Award – Maria Francisca Cunha. Surface contamination by antineoplastic drugs in three Portuguese hospitals #123

Symposium on Spatial Planning

  • Best Oral Communication Award – Mariana Diniz. Towards a quantitative approach to Morphological Regions: a methodology to classify the urban form #34
  • Best Poster Award – Anna Flora Rauli. Ephemeral Interventions in Porto. #75