Welcome to Business and Innovation Network – BIN@

BIN@ is an informal international network of academic and industry partners engaged in supporting the creation of a sustainable forum for sharing good practices and opportunities in innovation.


The BIN@ mission is to develop a sustainable international network of partners across industry, academia, investors, incubators, business and economic development agencies in order to support the sharing of good practices and knowledge as well as to promote open innovation.

We intend to help connecting partners across disciplines and industrial sectors with a further aim to create opportunities for cooperation, and above all to support the partnerships that can deliver value and impact.


The BIN@ network is based on 5 basic principles:

  • Bottom-up approach

  • Mutual benefit based on reliable relationships

  • Open access participation

  • Free-of-charge participation
  • Supported by universities


The BIN@ network has the following goals:

  • Promote innovation

  • Encourage research collaboration
  • Promote knowledge transfer opportunities

  • Promote university spin-offs

  • Support the internationalization of SMEs
  • Engage with industry
  • Increase potential funding opportunities
  • Support regional agenda
  • Develop international partnerships
  • Support wider entrepreneurship agenda


Start-up Incubation

To encourage and support entrepreneurs in the creation and growth of new tech-based creative businesses, Science and Technology Parks offer a set of services related to Start-up Incubation, such as: [more +]

Start-up Acceleration

The Acceleration Programmes provided by some of BIN@ Science and Technology Park members are geared towards entrepreneurs’ technology-/science-based innovative ideas [more +]

Soft Landing

In order to support the start-ups with international business development aspirations in approaching new markets, the BIN@ network offers Soft Landing as one of its activities. [more +]

Matching Opportunities

The BIN@ network supports the matching of business opportunities among the actors of the innovation market. According to their interests and needs, start-ups, S&T Parks, [more +]

Business Missions

In order to promote cooperation, partnership, business opportunities and networking among its delegates, BIN@ network supports the identification of contacts and the organisation of [more +]


BIN@ organises annually held international brokerage events, and also the midterm events of smaller scale. These events are hosted by academia, this way showcasing the benefits of [more +]


BIN@ promotes different types of innovation & technology related activities in order to facilitate cooperation and align science & innovation with real global challenges. This section offers a full overview of concrete activities in which BIN@ has been or will be involved. BIN@ annual events are something which have been integral to the network ever since its  beginning in 2010, accompanied by the more recent midterm events. At the same time, BIN@ is not defined by these events only, there are plenty of other activities and ventures inherent to this network, all equally vital for the continuation and further development of the established partnerships.





The BIN@ network has supported several actors of the innovation market, resulting in as diverse outcomes as:

  • Bilateral collaboration agreements
  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • R&D and innovation projects
  • VC and BA assessments
  • Business deals within the network
  • Firsthand showcase of new technologies/products/services
  • White Papers capitalising on key takeaways of the network’s annual events

Down below you can get acquainted with some of our successful cases:


The future of our society, of our civilisation depends on our capacity to engage, to collaborate, co-invent and BIN network is exactly that – platform for collaboration, to come together, exchange good practices, share dreams and share our apprehensions and then come together for new solutions, for the good of ourselves and the society as a whole.’

Violeta Bulc, Curator of Ecocivilisation and former EU Commissioner for Transport

When you take part in the dialogue, you notice at BIN@, innovation is a currency promoted, transferred and printed. Take a step back, and you notice it is a birthplace of industrial, economic and societal transformation.’

Glenn Cezanne, Head of Governmental Affairs Brussels CharIN e.V. | Founder & Managing Director at Time & Place Consulting


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