Under the framework of the business mission to Brazil of the FEUP-UPORTO delegation, driven by one of the underlying aims to participate in the BIN@ annual event at Ribeirão Preto (BIN@BRAZIL 2019), the Portuguese company wisecrop had the possibility to truly capitalise on and take advantage of this mission by signing the collaborative agreement with METOS Brasil of Pessl Instruments GmbH, to offer their technology to farmers in Brazil.

Wisecrop is a cloud-based farm management system that seamlessly connects the field to the office. With local success of customers in its home market, Wisecrop’s plans are to expand globally through seeking strategic partners and venture financing. Pessl Instruments headquartered in Weiz, Austria, which includes the METOS brand headquartered in São Paulo Brazil, is a globally leading manufacturer of advanced agricultural technology, devices and services.

With an end to end solution for farmers to run their enterprise, Wisecrop delivers access to the small and medium farm, who are also strategic customers of METOS. This collaboration aims to enable METOS to broaden its scope, offering its customers a solution which is complementary to their existing platform.

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