BIN@RIO 2023 ‘Places and Innnovation: How Soft Power Improves Innovation for Business Growth’ (17 – 19 October 2023, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


BIN@RIO 2023 has finished and we are utterly glad to witness that it was a tremendously successful networking event. The event had more than 400 participants from Brazil and Europe, spread across 3 active days of Open Sessions, Action Tank panels, workshops and a startup pitch.

The 1st day (17 Oct) of the event addressed themes like ‘ How can we use soft power as a catalyst for innovation?’ , How to make a place more appealing to live and work in?’ , ‘Possible Futures Game: Soft Power’ and ‘Green Innovations for Cities of Tomorrow’. 

The 2nd day (18 Oct) had in store themes like ‘Innovation as a manifestation of soft power’ , ‘Empowered places – attracting and retaining talent and business’ , ‘Placemaking: Urban Mobility’ , ‘Placemaking: Tactical Urbanism’ , ‘What design can do for soft power’ , ‘The role of companies in strengthening soft power’.

On the last day of the event (19 Oct), limelight was given to topics like ‘Intersection between Artificial Intelligence, Business and Geopolitics’ , ‘Ecocivilization’ , ‘Setting the stage for deep tech innovation – the case of Regional Innovation Valleys’ , ‘Silver economy as a driver of economic growth’ , ‘Nurturing academic deep tech spin-offs: context, strategies and best practices’ , ‘Business Hubs’ Communities’ and ‘Managing Communities’. The official website of the event: .

To have a better idea how those three active days of gripping sessions and networking moments unravelled, take a look at these LinkedIn posts:

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In addition to providing opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, the objective of the event was to stimulate business among network participants through the sharing of best practices. Cases were be presented on how material and immaterial goods attract people to places, such as countries and cities. The influence of a location has the power to attract companies, talents, investments, foster innovation and project an image based on its own culture and potential.

Representatives of universities (professors, researchers, students), CEOs and innovation managers from public and private companies, startups founders, business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and professionals from different sectors.



The organisation of the Rio edition was under the responsibility of Firjan in partnership with the founder of the network, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). Firjan is a private non-profit company with a mission to ensure the sustainable development of various industrial sectors. Working in an integrated manner with Firjan SENAI, Firjan SESI, Firjan IEL, and Firjan CIRJ, it promotes business competitiveness and economic development.

Together with Firjan SENAI, it offers technological solutions, innovation, and vocational education. With Firjan SESI, it provides education, health, and safety for workers. Through Firjan IEL, it offers business training for leaders, and with Firjan CIRJ, it strengthens the productive chain of the industry.

Firjan IEL, represented here by Casa Firjan, is a digital content hub that promotes discussions and reflections on Innovation, the Future, and the New Economy. It serves as a trend radar, anticipating innovations that will impact markets and businesses, and develops future competencies in professionals, leaders, and managers through a wide range of products and services.

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