BIN@SOUTH YORKSHIRE 2023: Universities and Industry in the Innovation Ecosystem (mid-term event, 10 – 11 May)


The guiding theme of this event was Universities and Industry in the Innovation Ecosystem. The event aimed at addressing the challenge which lies in the fact that the conventional approaches only have a limited impact on the major challenges facing society and, therefore, innovation is critical if we are to move forward from socio-economic doldrums.

BIN@SOUTH YORKSHIRE event offered a great opportunity for bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs and enablers from around the globe to the South Yorkshire region to share experiences and knowledge about how to develop our innovation ecosystems and the key role of Higher Education Institutions. 60 to 100 participants were expected to attend this event to celebrate Strengths and target Weaknesses within different regional ecosystems.

The success story of the University of Sheffield/Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) was presented as a great example how the South Yorkshire can thrive as a world leading innovation hub where industry and academia can come together to deliver outstanding solutions for both the local SMEs as well as to large global Aerospace companies.



Click here to consult the final programme of the event. In store were various activities and topics that ranged from advanced manufacturing, entrepreneurship, university-industry collaboration to startups in the local innovation ecosystems, amongst many others.



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