Documentation, Restoration and Reuse of Heritage

2-4 November 2022

Porto, Portugal

The Xth edition of the ReUSO conference, organised this time at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, intends to motivate the discussion by scholars on issues that address the theory of restoration and its methodological applications, in order to consolidate the criteria and theoretical aspects in relation to contemporary needs and, above all, to the complexity of possible future orientations of our scientific sectors.

Particularly, in this period, in addition to the difficulties of the health emergency and the urgent environmental issues, we find ourselves facing emergencies in territories invested by conflicts that we hoped not to see again in the old continent and in the Mediterranean area. In addition to the most emblematic aspects of the conservation and compatible use of the architectural, landscape, archaeological and historical-artistic heritage, there is the real risk of the definitive loss not only of the physical appearance but also of the historical memory of important parts of our cultural heritage.

ReUSO is an acronym that suggests the combination of the concepts of “restoration” and “use” in a contemporary era and, therefore, suggests the study and application of different fields of knowledge, from the theoretical to the practical application, in the different and possible perspectives, contributing to reverse the loose of knowledge in all matters related to the Heritage and the related processes of conservation and requalification.