Keynote Lecture by Dr. Bruno Soares Gonçalves at the Symposium of Engineering Physics


Doctor Bruno Soares Gonçalves, an expert in the field of nuclear fusion, will present a keynote lecture titled "Is Nuclear Fusion the Energy of Tomorrow? A Guided Tour to the Progresses and Challenges" at the upcoming Symposium of Engineering Physics (SEP). The SEP is part of DCE (Doctoral Congress of Engineering) that is set to happen on the 15th and 16th of June, at FEUP.

Doctor Bruno Soares Gonçalves, who holds a PhD in Physics from IST/UTL since 2003, currently serves as a Full Researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico and President of the Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear since May 2012. In addition, he heads the Engineering and Systems Integration Group of IPFN, where he has successfully led various research projects in nuclear fusion device development, particularly in diagnostics, control systems, and data acquisition.

The keynote lecture is scheduled for the 16th of June, from 12:00 am to 13:00 pm, and is expected to provide insights into the advancements and challenges surrounding nuclear fusion. With his experience, Doctor Gonçalves will guide the audience through a comprehensive exploration of the potential of nuclear fusion as the energy source of tomorrow. The lecture promises to be a highlight of the DCE, offering attendees a unique opportunity to delve into the world of nuclear fusion and its implications for a sustainable future.

The lecture and the other presentations from the master's and doctoral students will be open to the public to attend!

For more information on the program please visit: Symposium on Engineering Physics – DCE 2023 (