3D Printing for Construction research platform

The digitalization brought by the Industry 4.0 is a reality in almost all industrial sectors, nevertheless in Construction there are still many steps to be taken. In design and management processes tools like BIM or DIGITAL twins, now widespread, definitely streamlined the information flow between all the stakeholders. Hence, the construction processes are still settled in lengthy procedures that increase execution period and price. It’s urgent to bring from the industrial sector technologies that can enhance the processes, reducing time, cost, materials and therefore impact in the environment.

Like in other industries, there are in construction repetitive processes that could be automated if the building sites were not always in different locations. Additive manufacturing is one of those processes that have been studied in the last decades to be brought to construction. A step ahead, the scientific research has been in the last decades seeking to find solutions to facilitate these processes The 3DPCresearch is a multidisciplinary group with various backgrounds that pretend to study and understand how the digitalization of the building systems particularly 3D printing Processes is transforming the building paradigm, from the design processes, to the construction systems and building performance

Scientific areas

Civil Engineer
Building Physics
Parametric design
Circular design
Additive manufacturing