Accompanying the growing concern about the scarcity of energy resources, this specialisation seeks to students with professional skills that will enable them to apply correct energy approaches. These mainly involve efficient use of energy, renewable energy sources, and process sustainability.

Study Plan

First Year

Second Year

First semester

Second semester

First semester

Second semester

Chemical Engineering and Sustainability
Chemical Engineering Laboratories I
Elements of Industrial Management
Renewable Energies I
Thermal Energy and Energetic Efficiency

Chemical Engineering Laboratories II
Process Dynamics and Control
Quality and Safety
Renewable Energies II
Transferable Skills

Choose one of the following course units:
+ Environmental Technology
+ Industrial Chemistry for the Chemical Engineering
+ Industrial Facilities and Construction
+ Polymeric Materials in Industry

Decision and Optimization Methods in Chemical Processes
Engineering Project
Renewable Energies III

Choose one of the following course units:
+ Introduction to Nanotechnonology
+ Petroleum Engineering and Refining and Petrochemical Processes
+ Any curricular unit of U.Porto