Johanna Johnsson - Suécia, Jönköping University Foundation

I chose to do my exchange at FEUP, because I was applying for exchange with my best friend, and both of us wanted to go to a country none of us had been. We also wanted a city with good weather and close to the sea, so we made a list of different cities and Porto became our first choice.

We had a integration week before school started, but I missed most of the events and because of covid most of them where online. But I had a buddy dinner and that was really fun. I also find that my classmates and professors are really friendly, they always tell me about food and drinks I should try and places to visit, and some of them even offer to show us erasmus students around.

FEUP is one of the best engineering schools in Portugal, it is pretty close to the center and we have had a lot of practical classes which is fun. It is quite different compared to home but fun with some change. The classrooms are nice and I also like the canteens, we don’t have any cheap ones in Jönköping. But the wifi connection could get better, I think.

When you are studying abroad you make new contacts from all over the world, you get to develop your English skills, you get friends for life, you get to learn about their culture etc.

Porto is a beautiful city with old Architectual buildings and amazing views and good food by the Douro canal. The metro gets you from point A to B and makes living here easy. A lot of exchange students go here so it is easy to make friends here aswell.

I will definitely advise other students to take a period of studies at FEUP.