The transition from high school to university is not an easy one and I was not sure if the choice I made was the right one. The taste for understanding how things work and looking for creative solutions to complicated problems, incited me to accept with motivation the challenge of enroll in Industrial Engineering at FEUP.

In particular, this is a course whose teaching merit at FEUP is awarded for excellence and opens successful opportunities in the job market for a wide range of areas. The master's degree is denoted for being demanding, which turns out to be an asset recognized by recruiters.

Being now at the fifth year, I can say with absolute certainty that in addition to technical knowledge, the course provided me with unique experiences and friendships for life. The offerings are not limited to the space inside the classroom, the offer of extracurricular activities is vast, from musical groups to contact with the industry.

If you are a student interested in the areas of mathematics and physics and if you are particularly interested in technology, I can assure you that here you will find challenges that are up to you and of international interest.