Studying at the Faculty of Engineering of the U.Porto has benefited my professional and personal life immensely. The academic plan allowed me to learn about many different areas of computer science, from web applications to artificial intelligence. At the same time, I had the opportunity to develop non-technical skills, being part of nuclei and other extracurricular activities at FEUP, and assuming positions as CEO or conference chair as part of course chairs.

Studying at FEUP also helps to gain contact with companies. Many new companies in our field come to look for talent at FEUP, so for those who are interested, it is extremely easy to start contacts and get job or internship opportunities.

When I joined FEUP, I had the dream of working in a big company like Google, and thanks to what I learned, I managed to fulfill that dream even before finishing my master's degree. At Google, I feel that the versatility and commitment I learned at the Faculty allow me to do a good job, in addition to helping in my career.

My advice for future students is to take advantage of the many opportunities that FEUP offers. From being part of a group of students to developing extracurricular projects, or being part of a research group and participating in programming contests. All of these activities make you better engineers and, more importantly, better people!