We do not all know the way forward when the decision comes. I identified myself in this group, lost, but curious and, however, I knew that Engineering was what I wanted to follow since I always had a passion for creating, for innovating, and for learning what makes the world go round, and as such, I knew that the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto was the ideal place to fulfill my desire. This proved to be one of the best choices I have taken over the years, as the excellent conditions it provides to its students and the high quality of teaching, make FEUP one of the most prestigious colleges at the national and international level.
The following indecision was the course to choose, having a wide range of interests, the internal conflict was more of an impasse in the final decision, but allied to my passion for technological innovation, I decided to apply to the course of Informatics and Computing Engineering, and I couldn't be happier with that choice today! With practical learning from an early age with a large component of project-based assessment, where we can truly demonstrate our qualities and knowledge, I quickly fell in love with the work methodology for the course provided!
From student groups such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), with a great diversity of areas of interest that allow the development of large multidisciplinary projects, to numerous extracurricular activities, we can learn everything at FEUP, and the fact that it is located in the fantastic city that is Porto, it has become like a second home for me.
With FEUP I can say that I have more power over my future, and in case of any doubt, I always recommend FEUP!