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Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DEGI)
Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (DEGI) aims to lead the area of industrial engineering and management at an international level.

Our distinctive position lies at the interface between Engineering, Management, Analytics and Social Sciences. DEGI’s DNA combines fresh and vibrant academic programs, rigorous academic research and real-world impact.

At the heart of our intervention is a close interaction with the business community. Through our programs (bachelor, master and doctoral degrees), we educate a prime slice of scholars for systemic thinking, and for addressing and leading complex challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset. The state-of-the-art research we conduct at FEUP, INESC TEC and INEGI allow us to produce knowledge on critical problems that are socially and economically relevant. The valorization of these new breakthroughs is achieved through technology transfer processes.

As a leading department in the field of Industrial Management and Engineering,  we prioritize our contributors’ fulfillment and their sense of agency in the pursuit of a collective vision: striving towards a positive impact on society through education, research and innovation.

We invite you to consult our strategic plan to 2023-2026.

DEGI in Numbers

  • +500 Undergraduate Students

  • +100 Graduate Students

  • +2500 Alumni

  • +30 Q1 Journal Articles per year

  • +75 Researchers

  • +30 Ongoing R&D projects

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