REV@CONSTRUCTION – Digital Construction Revolution


REV@CONSTRUCTION is a mobilizing, aggregating and inclusive project of the AEC sector (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), which relies on large companies, SMEs and representatives of the scientific community to respond to the current challenges of the sector and increase its productivity and competitiveness. The project proposes a transversal approach to the entire construction industry, being sustained on fundamental pillars of Research and Development: a consistent methodological approach, partners with recognized and complementary technical-scientific knowledge, an integrative management and coordination and a strong link to the industry, capable of guaranteeing an adequate specification of the problems and a development oriented to the real needs. The engine of this R&D will be the development of several digital tools linked to fundamental aspects of the industry, from BIM to concrete and pavements, as well as supporting life cycle analyses of the works.
These tools will be developed using research in cutting-edge digital areas such as augmented reality, blockchain, sensing, IoT, among others. For this transformation to be sustained, a whole transversal structure to the sector will be developed, which will deal with developing, digitalising and integrating the necessary industry bases, such as the BIM object libraries, the cost databases and the platform itself that will support the tools developed under REV@CONSTRUCTION and those that will be developed in the future, where it is expected that the AEC sector will mobilise around this Digital Revolution. The success of the Project will be ensured by the strong link between the important R&D entities that participate in it and the representatives of the industry, among which are, side by side, the giants of the national construction and the most innovative SMEs. The consortium is certain that this integrating, cross-cutting and structuring initiative will have the essential mobilising effect for one of the most important national economic sectors.

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