Philipp Barnstorf

I had actually applied earlier for another programme abroad but was rejected in March. As that course’s application period only takes place between October and November, re-applying would mean “losing” more than a year. That’s when MPPU revealed as a viable alternative. Its application period was still open for that year and I would not need to move away. I decided to have a go with it. I thought that, if I wouldn’t be satisfied, I could always re-apply to the other course abroad. And I ended up not re-applying.

After graduating in Architecture and starting to practice it in a studio, I felt the need to further my studies in something related to ecology and sustainable technologies. I did study, part-time, Landscape Architecture for three years but, never concluded. After ten years practice, I was missing the diversity of discussions and the constant flow of new ideas one is exposed to in academia. I wanted more. I wanted to make a difference, not reduced to just another architect.

This course introduced me to matters such as the diversity of planning policies and governance tools. The teachers were well experienced in the practice and/or research field and, therefore, a reliable source of a variety of “real life” examples. I only regret we did not have more time together. Unfortunately, our classes took place during the pandemic which meant that a significant part of them were online and the access to campus was restricted. Therefore, we were not able to spend as much time in campus with teachers and co-student as we would have wanted.

With this degree, I hope to have the chance to access the field of urban and regional planning. Either through institutions – such as universities and public authorities – or through my own practice – such as consultancy services to third parties.