When I finished the bachelor’s degree, I felt a need to improve my design expertise in a more technologically oriented way, so I applied to this master’s degree challenging myself to meet a new city and a new culture for the next three years.

FEUP is a well-prepared institution which provides the infrastructures and facilities to learn and create our projects. The professors are very kind and helpful if you show your value throughout the classes. Dedication is probably the right word that defines a student from this institution.

As a matter of personal development, it came handy to specialize my knowledge in a technologically oriented environment, as a multimedia designer I often need to be able to learn new innovative tools. And after a year dedicating my time to research, I was able to improve my overview of the world, questioning everything that surround us and consequently solve those problems.

The advantages of studying a masters with a community of students and professionals so diverse is to significantly improve the communication in a professional environment. I was quickly able to adapt to different clients from all industries and geographies, but the most exciting fact was being able to exchange ideas with people worldwide on my daily basis.

For future students, or designer students, who want to do this degree I highly suggest you to be flexible to adapt to the communication and culture of this engineering institution and also to be receptive to new ideas. It is all about progression and being able to surpass challenges by improving ourselves with captivating experiences.