Fluids and Energy

Specialization: Fluids and Energy

In a world where fighting climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, the transition to clean energy sources and the more efficient use of this essential asset are crucial. The Fluids and Energy specialization of the Master in Mechanical Engineering was designed to give future engineers in this area the skills that will allow them to effectively contribute to these new challenges.


In this master’s degree, the knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat transfer prior acquired in the B.Sc. degree will be enhanced, analyzing in detail different thermal systems, and addressing more specific topics, such as computational fluid mechanics, combustion, building air conditioning, renewable energies, energy management, energy and cooling, supported by an experimental component ensured by laboratorial work. Aiming a broader training, the areas of management, control systems, machine parts, optimization of mechanical systems and industrial maintenance, which are necessary for any mechanical engineer, are also part of the syllabus. The acquired knowledge will be put into practice in a course focusing in the design of thermal systems as well as in the Dissertation, with which this master’s degree ends.


The purpose is to ensure that future Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the Fluids and Energy Specialization are qualified to continue their studies at the level of the third cycle or to perform activities of conception, design, operation or management of energy systems, taking into account the both economic and environmental sustainability of the solutions, while also adding value to the organizations in which they will develop their professional activity.


1st Year

1st Semester

Mecânica dos Fluidos Avançada Transferência de Calor Avançada Sistemas Térmicos Sistemas de Controlo Otimização de Sistemas Mecânicos Competências Transversais

2º Semester

Mecânica dos Fluidos Computacional Combustão Energias Renováveis I Energia em Edifícios e Sistemas AVAC Laboratório de Fluidos e Energia

Qualquer Unidade Curricular de 2º ciclo da Universidade do Porto (UP)

2nd Year

1nd Semester

Projeto de Sistemas de Energia Refrigeração e Bombas de Calor Energias Renováveis II Gestão de Energia Engenharia e Gestão da Manutenção Industrial

Qualquer Unidade Curricular de 2º ciclo da Universidade do Porto (UP)

2º Semester