General Mechanical Engineering

The transversal specialization of “Mechanical Engineering – General” will allow to:

  • Train mechanical engineers capable of responding to the needs of micro, small and medium-sized companies, which represent a very relevant part of the national employment market.
  • A survey of FEUP’s 10 main employers of mechanical engineers clearly showed that one of the main virtues of the current MIEM is its transversal character;
  • To take into account a significant number of students who are attracted to more than one area of mechanical engineering (design, energy, production, automation, management …) and who want to have a more general education.

Therefore, this transversal specialization will be a distinctive feature of M.EM in relation to the other master’s degrees in mechanical engineering.

It should also be noted that there is a consolidated tradition in Universities of Excellence for implementing study cycles in Mechanical Engineering where a “transversal” Specialization coexists with “in-depth” Specializations”.


1st Year

1º Semester

Método dos Elementos Finitos Sistemas Térmicos Sistemas de Controlo Fábricas Inteligentes Investigação Operacional Competências Transversais

2nd Semester

Introdução ao Projeto de Máquinas Materiais para Projeto Simulação de Processos Tecnológicos Sistemas Eletromecânicos Sistemas de Informação e Análise de Dados

Qualquer Unidade Curricular de 2º ciclo da Universidade do Porto (UP)

2nd Year

1st Semester

Estruturas Gestão de Energia Processos Avançados de Ligação Desenho Integrado de Produto Biomecânica

Qualquer Unidade Curricular de 2º ciclo da Universidade do Porto (UP)

2nd Semester