Specialization: Automation

The implementation of the industry 4.0 puts an increasing pressure on business to adopt technologies that allow the digitization of production processes through monitoring, control, management and optimization in real time.


In order to create an ecosystem that combines communications with equipment, robots, CNC machines, flexible production centers, autonomous vehicles, conveyor belts, etc. it is necessary to have engineers with a strong background in Automation, combining a solid background in mechanics with knowledge of electronics and advanced programming.

In this master’s degree, students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in terms of actuations, pneumatics, hydraulics and electricals, learn how to simulate and program robots, microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers, computers, address automatic control systems and optimize their behavior. Students will also have the opportunity of working with 2D and 3D artificial vision, combined with artificial intelligence in order to allow automatic object recognition and features’ extraction. Simulation and experimental laboratory work will be performed in all of the courses in order to consolidate the acquired knowledge. The dissertation, carried out in the last semester, in the University or in a company, will allow the development and implementation of an automatic solution.

The main goal of this Specialization is to ensure that future Masters in Mechanical Engineering are qualified to continue their studies at the third cycle level, or to integrate a company to carry out activities of conception, design, operation and maintenance of automatic systems, adding value to the organizations in which they develop their professional activity.

The Automation Specialization of the Master in Mechanical Engineering was conceived to give future engineers in this area the skills that allow them to effectively contribute to these new challenges.


1st Year

1st Semester

Sistemas de Controlo Instrumentação para a Medição Aplicações de Sistemas Mecatrónicos Gestão de Energia Investigação Operacional Competências Transversais

2º Semester

Complementos de Sistemas de Controlo Sistemas Eletromecânicos Visão e Sistemas Inteligentes Introdução ao Projeto de Máquinas Sistemas de Informação e Análise de Dados

Qualquer Unidade Curricular de 2º ciclo da Universidade do Porto (UP)

2nd Year

1st Semester

Servomecanismos Robótica Automação Flexível Segurança de Máquinas Computação Industrial

Qualquer Unidade Curricular de 2º ciclo da Universidade do Porto (UP)

2º Semester