Octávia Vieira

The transition from secondary to higher education is a period of much reflection, self-identification and above all important decisions that will influence our future. At that time, I realized that my career in college would be in Engineering. I have always had a fascination with exact sciences and at the engineering area it was possible to apply this knowledge to solve problems on a larger scale!
My preference for FEUP was based on the fact that this institution is a national and international reference in education and research; in its excellent location, which facilitates the mobility between college and home; and the fact that he had a glimpse of the dynamics of the college in the visit to the Engineer Profession Week.
Within the various branches of Engineering, I chose the Course of Environmental Engineering because it is an increasingly current course that aims to technologically solve environmental problems aiming sustainable development, at the industrial and social levels. In this course, I found among colleagues an environment of cooperation and sharing of opinions. Many of these colleagues will be friends for life. In addition, we have a dedicated faculty, very accessible, of different backgrounds and with a vast professional experience, which provides a more comprehensive training. The quality of teaching at FEUP is demanding, but I think it prepares us better for the professional environment. In addition, the teaching method in our course gives us the opportunity to consolidate theoretical knowledge at the laboratory level. Although the course does not have a department of its own we have the opportunity to work in almost all departments and laboratories of the college. Throughout the course, FEUP has provided me with interactions with companies through study visits and work to be developed.
During my academic career I was involved in some extracurricular activities, including giving explanations to students of the 3rd and secondary cycles and volunteering in an association of educational and social nature for children of the 1st cycle. I was invited to be part of the Monitoring Committee and, more recently, to belong to the Pedagogical Council. I perform the monitoring function of the FEUP Project and have also participated in a research project. All these experiences were beneficial for my development and personal satisfaction, as well as for the acquisition of soft skills that are already useful for my personal life and, in the near future, for a good preparation for the professional practice.
In the end of my academic career I have a feeling of personal fulfilment! Now it's your turn to do your story at FEUP...